Posted by: Kelley Dees | March 12, 2011

What is Assistive Technology?

When I tell people about AgrAbility and what I do, I’m frequently asked “What is assistive technology?” Assistive technology (also referred to as AT) is any device or solution that enhances an individual’s ability to live, play, or work independently.

Assistive technology can take many forms, such as a device, tool, or adaptation that supports a person when participating in everyday activities and settings. AT ranges from highly simplified items made from duct tape or Velcro to something high-tech like an iPad.

Many mistakenly make the assumption that AT is limited to use by those with disabilities. While in certain situations true, this is not always the case. When doing assessments and making recommendations, one of the items that we must consider is how any changes made will affect those who DON’T need the assistive device.




  1. Good reminder in the last paragraph. Will the assistive device be a hindrance to someone else and is the hindrance necessary for the good of the person needing the device. Or is there an alternative solution that works for both.

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