Posted by: Chelsea Hampton | September 18, 2012

It’s National Farm Safety and Health Week!!

September 16-22 is National Farm Safety and Health Week, and this year’s theme is A Family Affair. Recognized since 1944, this annual event is celebrated during the third week in September and has been has been promoted through the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) and the National Safety Council (NSC).

While safety and health should be acknowledged and promoted every day, this annual observance pays special tribute to and highlights the importance of the agricultural industry. Why agriculture? Because it is one of the most dangerous occupations out there and thousands of workers face risks everyday so that we can have our basic needs met! In addition to the hazards that agricultural workers encounter on a daily basis, there is also an increased risk for certain injuries and health conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, hearing loss, skin cancer, brain and spinal cord injuries, and hand and eye injuries. While these risks are alarming, the good news is that much of this can be prevented through health & safety protocols and education!

Listed below are some great resources for agricultural-related health and safety information. Later this week we will feature some more health & safety trivia to test your knowledge!

Helpful Resources     

The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety.

-Agricultural Safety & Health Council of America (ASHCA).

-National Library of Medicine: Tox Town.

-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

This information is provided courtesy of the Wyoming AgrAbility Project. For more information, visit our website or call toll-free at 866-395-4986.


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