Posted by: Patricia Hysong | July 17, 2013

Wyoming Farmers to Market

Grace-BP August 2012 012

How does your garden grow? Well enought to sell at the market? It’s a great way to supplement income and have fun in the process.

Farmer’s Markets are popping up everywhere and why not? What a great source of local produce, meat,  chocolate, candies, baked goods, eggs, cheese, honey, as well as arts and crafts of all kinds just to name a few things. In addition to these great commercial items, there is also, what I feel is the best locally grown item of all, the wonderful community that it brings out in all that attend. Farmer’s Markets are an ideal place to meet and greet old and new friends alike. There is nothing like the slow stroll, looking and purchasing wonderful fare and seeing faces you haven’t seen in a while, catching up with your old school teacher, the folks from the gym or from your old place of employment. We are blessed in Laramie to have 2 markets to attend. Though they share some of the same venders, they each have their own feel and interesting activities lined up for the summer. On Thursdays, enjoy the Laramie LOCO Market at Undine Park from 3-7pm. On Fridays visit the Farmer’s Market Downtown on Grand Ave between 1st and 2nd street from 3-7pm.  I invite you to check them both out. Go early and go often, you won’t regret it.

For more information about Wyoming Farmer’s Markets, contact the Wyoming Farmer’s Market Association.


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