Posted by: Patricia Hysong | October 27, 2014

Halloween Safety



Halloween is less than a week away and we all know what that means. Candy, costumes, candy, children’s events, candy, adult parties, candy, and well, you get it. The one thing that isn’t mentioned as often is the importance of keeping our children safe while they are out enjoying the festivities and as adults, keeping our heads in the midst of the crowds of people and all the excess energy produced by all the sugar our children have ingested. Not to mention the other side effects all those artificial ingredients produce in our otherwise perfectly behaved children.

Our community seems to have made Halloween a week long event over the last few years with events nearly every day. While the upside to this is that the children, and lets face it, the adults, get to wear those costumes they may have paid upwards of $50.00 for more than once, it can seem like we’re running around like chickens without heads trying to fit everything in. In the rush, keeping safety in mind is key to fun and sanity.

When making your costume choices:

  • costumes, wigs and accessories should be fire-resistant
  • make sure they can be seen by using reflective tape on costumes and treat bags
  • use non-toxic makeup and test before the big night to make sure there is no irritation
  • remove all makeup before bedtime
  • masks can limit vision so consider alternatives such as makeup and\or hats
  • if masks are worn, make sure eye, nose and mouth openings are sufficiently large enough to allow for comfort,  visual range, breathing and speaking
  • make sure the costume fits well to avoid trips and falls
  • accessories such as knives, swords, wands and other sharp object should be made of flexible materials
  • serious eye injuries have occurred with the use of decorative contact, don’t use them

If you are driving on Halloween keep all eyes peeled for children, pets, and creatures of the night:

  • darting out from parked cars
  • getting in and out of vehicles that have parked haphazardly in the street
  • walking everywhere but the sidewalks
  • when entering and exiting driveways and alleys
  • that are wearing dark clothing

Go over important rules with your goblins and ghouls before they go out:

  • go only to areas and houses they are familiar with and make sure they let you know the general area they will be trick or treating in
  • don’t eat treats until you have had the chance to go through them
  • never enter the house of anyone they don’t know
  • give them a set time to be home and stick to it
  • make sure they are prepared with a flashlight with fresh batteries, costumes that are light in color or have reflective tape attached, and a cell phone
  • review pedestrian and traffic rules

Halloween can be such a great time but it is important that everyone keep safety in mind:

  • never use your cell phone while driving
  • never text and drive
  • discourage inexperienced drivers from driving on Halloween
  • all children under 12 should be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult
  • parents and responsible adults need to set good examples for their little monsters, princesses, turtles and clowns and follow traffic, pedestrian and safety rules

Keep these thing in mind and may your Halloween be spooky, scary, creepy, stress free, fun, and SAFE!

Some information obtained and adapted from the following source: The National Safety Council

This information is provided courtesy of the Wyoming AgrAbility Project. For more information, visit our website or call toll-free at 866-395-4986.


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