Posted by: Patricia Hysong | April 25, 2016

Shorts-Good Nutrition Mission

Making healthy dietary choices plays an important role in having a healthy life. The benefits of eating healthy include, but are not limited to weight loss and maintenance, being energetic and preventing disease.

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Choose a variety of foods and explore options you may not think would be good. Have an open mind and flexible ideas about what you will try and what your body needs.

Get plenty of vitamins and minerals by selecting a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. At least half your plate for each meal should be vegetables and fruits. In addition to the health benefits, presentation of food can make it more enjoyable so why not make it pretty?

Whole grains should be used whenever possible. Pick brown rice and whole wheat bread over their white versions.

Make the protein choices that are right for you, but make sure you get your proteins. Low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, cheese, and lean meats, beans, nuts and seeds are all good sources of protein.

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This information is provided courtesy of the Wyoming AgrAbility Project. For more information, visit our website.


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